Benchmark Award for Quality BSL Resources

Have a resource that you created for your BSL teaching or assessing?

Seen a resource but unsure of its quality?

Using the resource but unsure of using it at the appropriate level?

Want to recommend a resource?

Then contact us today!

We will independently assess your resource or recommended resource against our strict criteria. The teacher's background will not be taken into consideration.

If it meets all the criteria, then ABSLTA will award that specific resource with our Benchmark Award for Quality BSL Resources. If it falls short of the criteria, either recommendations for improvement will be given or it will be not awarded the ABSLTA seal of approval.

List of resources with ABSLTA's Benchmark Award for Quality BSL Resources:

Awarded at ABSLTA's 30th AGM on Friday 10th May 2019 [online] - Linda Day SignRight Preston - " 100 Multi-Channel Signs" [online, YouTube] - Alan Davison Words in Hand - A Structural Anaylsis of the Signs of British Sign Language [book] - Lillian Lawson, Martin Colville and the late Mary Brennan BSL Sign Linguistics in A Nutshell [online] - Sandra Dowe

All resources that meet ABSLTA's criteria will receive a certificate and have permission to display our logo with their resource.